SeQLipse is a set of Eclipse Java plug-ins to browse (not admin!) a SQL database. SeQLipse looks like a browser of the content of the database, providing some views and a perspective. It is intended to be highly configurable.


Why SeQLipse?

SeQLipse was born because the author had a well normalized database and simple PHP interface to insert and view records. But the db had many tables and interface was not appealing so he thought an Eclipse perspective to edit and view data could be cool.

Can I create a table with SeQLipse?

There are many cool projects to well admin a database. SeQLipse allow you to see the content of a database, not tables, views, stored procedures or roles. Beauty of Eclipse platform is that you can integrate many features in a single application. If you want admin and browse your database, install SeQLipse and one of the many database admin tools.

When I need SeQLipse?

When you are not interested in how data are stored but you want to see which objects, classes or relations are in a database. You will see a set of objects that you can navigate clicking on their own properties. You will not see tables!